The mysterious death of Chester Bennington

He was the idol of millions. He was imitated and looked up to even by people very far from the world of music. At one point, his name was heard by almost the whole world, however, it cannot be said that Bennington gained such popularity only after his death. He was known and loved during his lifetime. So who was he, the one whose unexpected death was a real shock to an entire army of fans, causing not only bitterness and sorrow, but also indignation, and sometimes contempt?

Chester Bennington was born in Arizona in 1976. His family had nothing to do with music or art in general. The parents of the future rock star divorced when the boy was only eleven years old.

Bennington began his work with the musicians of the future Linkin Park band back in 1999. Over the entire existence of the group, these guys have released five albums, and have also been repeatedly recognized as the best alternative music group in the USA.

By the way, the history of the creation of the band’s name is connected with Bennington’s hometown. As a child, little Chester often had to walk in Lincoln Park. Actually, this is exactly how, being a novice musician, Bennington wanted to name his band – Linkoln Park. The problem arose when the young team decided to create their own website. It turned out that in the world network there is already a web page with the same name. And then the idea came up to call the group Linkin Park.

As for the musician’s personal life, Bennington was officially married twice. Chester had a son from his first marriage. The rock idol entered into a second marriage with a model of the popular men’s magazine Playboy. The couple had three children and adopted two more.


Death of Chester Bennington

On July 20, 2017, the entire Internet and all the media literally exploded from the stunning news: the lead singer of one of the most popular rock bands of our time was found dead in his own home in Los Angeles. The 41-year-old musician committed suicide on a very symbolic date. Bennington decided to take his own life on the 53rd birthday of his late colleague and friend, lead singer of Soundgarden, Chriss Cornell. The latter, quite shortly before this, had himself passed away of his own free will, it happened on the eighteenth of May.

An event such as the death of one of the most popular rock idols of the modern world, Chester Bennington, caused a huge outcry from the public. Numerous versions have been put forward regarding what the rock musician died from. We will try to analyze the most basic of them further.


Cause of death of Chester Bennington

Establishing the actual reason why Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington died was not difficult for forensic investigators. It was suicide by hanging. Of much greater interest to the press, the public, fans, friends, and in general everyone who at least once heard something about Bennington’s work, were the musician’s internal reasons that pushed him to this act.

There are many opinions and versions. Here are some of the most basic ones.

Death of a close friend. Indeed, the suicide of musician Criss Cornell came as a huge shock to Bennington. They were very close and Bennington’s subtle emotional attachment to the deceased friend can be understood from his letter to the latter, which the musician published on one of the social networks shortly after the death of a colleague and comrade. In addition, the choice of a date for committing suicide, as it were, hints at some connection with Cornell.

Dependencies. It’s no secret that rock musicians lead a very specific lifestyle. Bennington is no exception in this regard. Alcohol and drugs were an integral part of his life. Many condemn the musician for this, some forgive “bad habits”, speaking of Bennington’s great talent. Similarly, it’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not that these detrimental things caused the death of a rock star. Apart from Bennington himself, no one knows about this.

Depression. Many believe that the cause of Bennington’s death was his severe psycho-mental state, namely, prolonged depression, in which the singer and musician had been for many years. There may be several reasons for this condition. First, the burden of responsibility to the fans. On stage, Chester, along with his team, always tried to give all his best, but you will never be able to please all the fans, and Bennington was very worried about discontent.

Plus, as a child, Chester had to endure an act of sexual abuse by an adult man, which also left its mark on the psyche of the future idol of millions.

Which of these is the truth is the cause of the musician’s death, and which is a lie, perhaps no one will ever know, but now these versions are just that.


Details of the death of Chester Bennington

As for some of the details of this tragic incident, the press learned that shortly before the incident, Bennington, along with his family, was vacationing in Arizona. However, the musician decided to go home to Los Angeles alone.

His dead body, along with an empty liquor bottle, was found by a housekeeper.

It is known that the next day the group Linkin Park was scheduled to premiere a new video.


Linkin Park react to lead singer Chester Bennington’s death

Bennington’s death came as a real shock to everyone, including fellow musicians, members of the Linkin Park band. In the first days after the incident, the guys refused to comment on anything. The band members declined to make an official statement about the death of their colleague, saying they would report it to the press as soon as they had it.

It is known that at the time of Bennington’s death, the Linkin Park group intended another round in the field of development. The guys were preparing for the release of a new video, and the group was also going to have a joint photo shoot. This is one of the reasons why the act of the soloist was a real shock to other members of the team.

Also, many other celebrities took to social media to express their shock and surprise at Bennington’s death. Many expressed words of grief and admitted that they were long-time fans of the work of Bennington and Linkin Park.


Fan reaction to Chester Bennington’s death

As for Bennington’s fans, their opinion about the musician’s act was sharply divided. Of course, this act made an indelible impression on all of them. However, they expressed it differently. Some expressed words of regret and sorrow, admitted that they grew up and matured under the songs of Linkin Park, important stages of their life are connected with the work of the group, and they sincerely regret that such a talented person left this world.

Others, contrary to the opinion that “the dead are either good or nothing”, condemn and criticize the musician, not understanding how the person who inspired and encouraged millions could turn out to be so weak.

To accept or condemn such an act of Chester Bennington, let it remain a personal matter for everyone.

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