Rumors about Putin’s death

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician. Currently he is the President of the Russian Federation. Born October 7, 1952. The President is currently 63 years old. In 1970 he entered the Leningrad State University. In 1975 he became a senior lieutenant in the KGB of the USSR.

Rumors of death

Currently, there are many rumors that the Russian president is ill or even already dead. In 2015, such information appeared every day. At that time, Vladimir Vladimirovich did not go out in public for some time, which is why so many gossip divorced. But despite the fact that literally a week later the head of the country appeared at the next meeting, these rumors did not stop. At present, there are people who sincerely believe in the death of the president. Many argue that the country is ruled by one of Putin’s doubles, and this was done so that the people would not rebel.

In March 2015, many, even the central media, confidently asserted that the president was seriously ill. This information has not been confirmed in any way. The press secretary of the head of Russia said that everything is in order with the president, and that an important meeting is expected soon, at which he will certainly be present.

In addition, since 2007, information about the death of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin begins to appear almost every year. Despite the fact that each time this information is refuted, these gossip disperse throughout the media and the World Wide Web. People not only say that he died, but also name the causes of death. Once, several years ago, information appeared on the network that Vladimir Putin had died of spinal cancer.

It is also alleged that this information appeared on the Kremlin website, but was deleted after some time. Some can confirm that the site was not hacked at the time, so this is most likely true information. These people, even after the president appeared at the meetings, continued to defend their innocence. They believe that the president is actually long dead, and his post is occupied by one of his ten doubles. Naturally, you should not believe such information, because Putin’s death is just a rumor.

Why is everyone waiting or afraid of the death of the president – expert opinion

All information regarding the death of the head of state is just speculation. But these rumors show how nervous Russians will be if they learn that Putin will no longer rule. One of the researchers of psychology reported that, most likely, all this gossip speaks volumes. They immediately excite both the fears and the desire of many people. Some want the president to step down but are nervous about what comes after him.

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