Michael Caine death rumors

Michael Caine is one of the most sought after British actors in the 60s and 90s. He has acted in over 100 films and won 2 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes for his work. Currently, the actor is already 83 years old. Because of this age, rumors began to appear in the media and other sources of information about the illness of a famous actor. Of course, for the most part, these rumors are refuted, but still there is some truthful information. The actor himself has repeatedly stated his problems due to some diseases. On the Internet, false information that the actor had died was also not uncommon. Naturally, all information was refuted. The actor is alive and still pleases us with his work.

Michael Caine was on the verge of death

In a recent interview, the actor admitted that in the 1970s he was on the verge of death. The reason was that at that time he drank a bottle of vodka every day and smoked several packs of cigarettes a day. He survived then only thanks to his wife. The actor admitted that he drank and smoked so much only because he was nervous about whether he could get this or that role. Having met his future wife, he calmed down. The actor admitted that it was only thanks to her that he was able to stop and get rid of these habits.

Michael Caine changed his name

Recently it became known that the actor Michael Caine officially changed his name. He was born under the name Maurice Josev Milkquite. Until recently, he calmly used a pseudonym, but due to the ISIS terrorist organization, he was forced to change his name.

According to the actor, when he went through passport control when boarding a plane, the employees recognized him, but when they saw a different name in the passport, they detained the actor until the circumstances were clarified. Therefore, the actor decided to change his name.

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