Football player Pele dies

Cause of death

Pele underwent colon surgery in 2021. Since then, he has been constantly undergoing treatment in various clinics. In December 2022, he was hospitalized due to a large number of different diseases. He was diagnosed with swelling of the body, inflammation of the prostate gland, heart failure and confusion. I also had problems after a hip replacement. And to all this, chemotherapy did not give positive results. In the same month, on December 29, his death was announced by an agent, and later by relatives.

Brazilian footballer PELE (10/23/1940 – 12/29/1922)

The football player was born in the town of Tres Coracoins, Brazil. From the age of 7, Pele began to play football. The first lessons of skill were given to him by his father, who was also a football player in the past. he received the nickname Pele from his friends, who called him that in honor of his favorite local footballer, Biele.

The “King of Football” became the world champion three times and participated in the world championship four times.

If you start listing all the awards of this legendary football player, it will take a huge amount of time. He was the most titled football player. In his entire career, he played only in two clubs – the Brazilian Santos and the American New York Cosmos.

He has amazing stats. In total, he played 560 games in his career and scored 541 goals in them, not counting the games for the Brazilian national team, where he played 92 matches and scored 77 goals.

1995-1998 served as Minister of Sports of Brazil. I was personally acquainted with all the famous people of the world and the presidents of a huge number of countries, with whom I even played football.

Football player Pele dies Football player Pele dies Football player Pele dies

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