Died Kalashnikov Viktor Mikhailovich

During the development of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, he conducted numerous studies, identified a number of factors affecting the stability, durability and reliability of products, developed a number of components and parts at the level of inventions. Participated in the development of self-loading hunting carbines, developed a striker lock for the Medved-3 carbine at the competition. He took part in the development and tested several samples of the Kalashnikov machine gun with combined power. Viktor Mikhailovich participated in the work on the Abakan theme, his team developed the Bizon-2 and Vityaz-SN submachine guns.

Kalashnikov Viktor – biography

Viktor Mikhailovich Kalashnikov was born on July 16, 1942 in the family of Soviet small arms designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov.

He began his career in 1966 in the department of the Chief Designer in the bureau for the development of new products.

Represented Izhmash at international arms exhibitions.

Two children (sons Mikhail and Alexander)

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