Died Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Recently, there have been many rumors on the Internet that the famous people’s artist Armen Dzhigarkhanyan has died. And this is logical, because in recent months Armen has been hospitalized several times. In addition, last fall, under the gaze of people was his life during and after the scandalous divorce from his young wife. Articles periodically flash in the press that the actor has already died, and they are even preparing for his funeral. Believe in all this or not? Let’s deal with these rumors.

Urgent hospitalization of Dzhigarkhanyan in Moscow

On April 26, news broke that the 82-year-old artist was urgently hospitalized in the capital. This time, the cause was his serious heart problems. Some sources say that Dzhigarkhanyan is in a coma after a serious illness – a heart attack. Statements about a coma were accompanied by information that Armen was in a very critical condition. He is connected to ventilators.

Today, Armen’s relatives revealed the truth about his illness. It turned out that Dzhigarkhanyan had serious complications after a recent pneumonia. They also said that now his condition is no longer a concern. But he will have to spend some time in the hospital and heal. The state of the famous artist at the moment is not in danger. He is not in a coma, as reported by many sources. All this information was confirmed by Elina Mazur, who represents the interests of Dzhigarkhanyan. Elina did not confirm the rumors that the actor was connected to a ventilator. There is also information that in the near future they plan to transfer the actor to one of the best clinics in the capital.

Diseases of Dzhigarkhanyan

As you know, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan is already 82 years old. Of course, at this age, many people suffer from a whole bunch of various diseases. As the saying goes: “old age is not joy.” In recent years, Armen periodically complains about the aggravation of his illnesses. This can be understood, considering everything that is happening in his life now. Until recently, despite his age, Dzhigarkhanyan felt very good and cheerful. But then, on all TV channels, they actively began to wash his bones every day.By the way, the artist is very sensitive to all the false accusations of his ex-young wife. It is quite possible that it is experiences that become the “trigger” of his illnesses.

In 2018, Dzhigarkhanyan was already in the hospital twice. He has big heart problems. During the first hospitalization, Armen was diagnosed with a hypertensive crisis. The second time he was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. Of course, the health of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan was greatly shaken by the divorce from his wife, which took place on very loud notes. Financial problems with his theater (Moscow Drama Theater) also negatively affected the artist’s health.

Denial by the Dzhigarkhanyan theater of rumors about the death of the artist

The Dzhigarkhanyan Moscow Drama Theater also refutes rumors about the death of the founder of this institution. Information periodically appears in the media that Armen has died. But representatives of the theater each time give exhaustive answers. This time, the theater was told that all this information about the death of the actor is false. This is just another information war in order to undermine the health of the artist. In this regard, representatives of the theater are asking the editors to prevent this information virus and finally stop this chaos around the news of the death of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

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